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posted on 20 Apr 2013 22:24 by drizzle-dolly directory Diary
Another boring day today.
After going to the fitness yesterday, I ached all over.
Since I first started exercising (in November), I have loss 5 Kg.!!
But the weight really went down this past month. See, I started jogging, at first I really didn't want to jog because ,well, it looks a lot like hard work. But after going back to Phuket, there wasn't any free fitness like in Chula, so my mother took me to the park, where I decided to jog and to my amusement I actually LIKED it!!
It was sweaty and all, but it really felt great. And now I understand the people who are addicted to exercise. OH THE ENDOPHIN!!!
I want to share the exercise moves I do, but I think that will be in the next entry(whenever that is 555)
OK, so today was quite a frustrating day.
I had to teach Bio at 2.00 pm and I was at siam at 1.30 pm, buying a drink and was going to get ready to teach. BUT at 1.34 pm my students phoned to cancel! I couldn't do anything so I hand to agree then I went straight back to my dorm.
A complete waste of time I came all the way to siam, bought a drink, then went back!!!
Well, thats all. I just wanted to complain.

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