18th - cute disney :3

posted on 18 Apr 2013 22:11 by drizzle-dolly directory Lifestyle, Diary
It is the second month into my holidays and to tell you the truth - its really exhuasting!
My family is going through a rather rough patch,u see. So I decided to try and help out. Applause 55
I have recently become a tutor. And I'm actually enjoying myself - I LIKE teaching.  It's also rewarding when ur students do well on test and stuff.
BUT (there's always a but) it gets stressful. I'm worried constantly - am I doing this right, Is it correct?, what happens if I give out the wrong answer and they answer wrongly on their real exam- ARGHHH
And then I watch some series, and I'm over it. 555 Just kidding
I teach Biology and I was loving it, until I found out that the sheet that a made myself(and it took a long time to do so) wasn't useful! I had prepare the wrong chapters to teach!
So I had to start all over agian while teaching too - I taught every other day so the day in between was the day I had to type out the sheet. And I was exhuasted!
But the money was good. this sounds so evil to say but its true. oh, and also the stuff about being rewarding, blah, blah 555
But really, I do like teaching, I have even thought of continuing to do so until I graduate - I know it will be hard but it will really help my family Hoping for the best, Fingers cross!!
OK, enough of that.
I want to share pictures from a artist, who I stumbled upon today.
He's french and I love the way he draws Disney characters. - I am a BIG DISNEY FAN myself
Little red riding hood
This is from BRAVE
Disney's princess
And ther's a lot more! Go check out his page : https://www.facebook.com/DavidGilsonDrawings
Well, thats it for today- I've got to teach tomorrow, and should properly get ready for it. BYE