17th - summary of 2 years in colleage

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Alright, I'm back to blogging again!! (This time I hope for longer period of time)
So I haven't visited this blog for almost 2 years, it was quite amusing reading what the past me had to say.
Back then, when I first got into the Faculty of Dentistry,Chula, I was really happy and excited but I was also very young and didn't know any better. I felt like my dreams had come true, after all the late night studying, I am finally on my way to become a dentist. woohoo!
But now I'm approuching my third year, and I'm DREADING the day school starts!!!
Here's a little summary of my first 2 years in Dentistry

1st Year - Happiest year with tons of time to spare.
There was like only 1-2 classes per day. My grades were great!- since I had all that time,u see. (I'm kinda a nerd, face in books. Yes, I'm that kind of person, annoying right?)
I got to other faculties for classes I could pick for myself (though it was quite difficult to select the classes you wanted to fit the free time you had )
Anyway, at least I got to see places and do stuff outside of my little square that is my faculty.
2nd Year - OH!! I was threated by my seniors that this year would be hard. and it was!!!
I had exams every other week. some weeks 2-3 exams all bundled together. It was horrible!!
By the end I just got fed up, instead of reading weeks ahead for the exam, I read it the night before!(Now,this is really unusual of me)
One night I even come back to my dorm at 4 in morning from studying NOT clubbing na. 55
So naturally, my grade sliped. But i'm OK with that now.
Even though these 2 years are dramatically different. I have learnt from all the experience, I am stronger and I will fight untill I graduate.  (But still, It's really exhuasting and I dread the day it all starts agian.)
And most importantly, I have gained great friends who hopefully will be there till the end.
I wanted to write my blog in english this time round.
My father always said it was important for me to keep praticing English.
And since I speak Thai, read Thai, think in Thai almost all the time, I would like this blog to be English.
I miss you a lot,Daddy
I guess that enough blabbing for one entry. Hopefully I'll be back for another with the more recent events of my life (which,by the way, is extremely dull.)But I love the throught of older me reading back and having a laugh at what I had to say now.

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