260413 - Exercise

posted on 26 Apr 2013 20:06 by drizzle-dolly directory Lifestyle, Diary
I'm back at Phuket!!
and i'm going to be here for a month. Home sweet home, indeed
Mummy made dinner, I really miss her cooking, everything is yummy!
I also got to go jogging among rubber trees. The air was great and refreshing, though the sun was a bit bright, it was totally worth it! I LOVE jogging among nature.
After jogging I do a set of wieght lifting and stomach crunchs.
I know people want to lose wieght without having to exercises. Thats why there are so many crazy diets. But here's the truth, YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE!!  It really works,trust me.
So I decided to share my routine stomach crunchs that I do after jogging for at least 20 minutes.